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When buying a house or a cabin, most people will have a good look at the back yard, patio or the deck, thinking of how to use this space in the best way possible. Without having a functional and beautiful outdoor space, living in a house doesn’t make much sense. It’s easy to see whether a space has “potential” to become something much more than an empty yard, but it’s not so easy to decide what to do with it. When looking at the empty or cluttered outdoor space, most of us will picture it as a playground, entertainment space, garden or a swimming pool. Or, you’ll consider turning this space into an outdoor kitchen or living room. The ideas are numerous, but the decision-making can be hard.

Here are some tips on how to improve the outdoor space and make it provide the comfort of your indoors. Read them and turn them into reality – and you’ll never want to leave your outdoor paradise!

1. The essentials of garden makeover

Before you start with anything else, declutter your yard: get rid of excess stuff, repair (or throw away) the old and shabby furniture. Only when your yard, patio or deck are clean and proper, you can continue planning how to use them, get the necessary materials and give them a complete makeover. Decide your priorities first – outdoor space can be used in lots of ways and it’s likely that you’ll have to decide for a couple of them only. However, whatever you opt for, make use of natural materials and what you can already find in your backyard. Reconsider your use of space – make sure that you’re using it effectively.


2. A living “room” where you can finally relax

One of the best things you can do to improve your outdoor living area is to make it a peaceful, comfortable haven where you can enjoy all benefits of hanging out in the breeze and sun. If you have a deck or a patio in your home or cabin, its flat surface will be perfect for placing a coffee table, loungers and vintage decorative pendants and candle holders. Surround your relaxation corner with plants: place them in patio planter pockets, staked planters or create a green wall instead of just putting them in ordinary pots. If you want to hang around a bit further from the house, set up a hammock between your backyard trees.

3. Creating an outdoor kitchen and party area

The keys of every great party are lots of food, drinks and a comfortable space where people can gather. Your back garden or front yard can turn into an amazing party area, with the help of several additions. Most homeowners will take out their grill now and then, but why not go a step further and install a fire pit in the middle of your yard? You can surround it with comfy chairs or picnic benches and tables where foods and drinks can be served. If you like a good challenge, these DYI fire pits will certainly inspire your creativity. If you can splurge, add a pizza oven, sink and refrigerator and make yourself a real, fully functional outdoor kitchen.

4. Turn your yard into a stylish Japanese garden

Only a small number of people (between 100 and 200) throughout the world have been passionate enough to create real Japanese gardens in their backyards.  It’s likely that you won’t invest months and tons of money to create your own, but everyone can afford at least certain elements of it. One day – who knows? Maybe you’ll be one of those 200 people. Grow a mini moss garden, build small stone pathways and decorations, or build a koi pond. A small, ornamental pond will certainly beautify your garden and bring elements of zen into it.


 5. Enjoy your privacy

When being surrounded with other houses in the area, it’s easy to feel like you have been living in a fishbowl. To increase the privacy of your outdoor space, build fences or consider some natural options such as planting tall bushes and trees. You can build a stone wall and top it with fence, screen patio or deck with climbing vines and bamboo walls. To avoid annoying insects and curious looks of passers by at the same time, get a screened-in or portable tent. There, you can enjoy sleeping, relaxing or socializing with your friends all night long.


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