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With new technologies and fantastic innovations shaking up our world, it’s not surprising that radical changes are hitting the interior design world too. So, much of what was hot in 2016 is now giving way to something else, something different. If you want to know what exactly that means and how best you can be considered ‘in’ with the newness of interior design 2017, read on:

  • Use warm materials like terracotta: The white and cool tones of 2016 are now giving way to warm ones like terracotta tiles. This time, however, they won’t be used as border tiles but will come with a matte finish and will be used to clad fireplaces or as feature walls for bathrooms. The rustic look of terracotta will give way to a matte finish and will bring in its warm side.
  • Get the vintage look: Detailed patterns and soft colors will rule 2017 to give it a specially vintage look. It will bring about a stylish and warm and welcoming note to people’s homes. Wooden furniture never loses its charm. It gives a warm look to the interiors.
  • A curated home through patterns: As a homeowner, perhaps you might like to have a home that’s specially curated through patterning. All kinds of imaginative and innovative geometric patterns that have their origins in ancient cultures of Asia or Africa with a slight twist will be popular.
  • Cork for cladding: With cork raising its beautiful presence, don’t be surprised to see much more of it in 2017. Its stylish appearance instils not just elegance but warmth too to spaces, but it also helps by absorbing noise in large homes. It is best used as the base of a coffee table whose top is stone or as a side table. Or, it could be used to clad office walls.
  • Handcrafted furniture as an investment: Uniquely designed furniture will rule the roost in 2017. The trend will be to choose well-designed furniture that’s more an investment than prized for its utility. People might also want to grace their homes with antique furniture pieces that have a lot of  character.


  • All shades of green: Here’s a color that’s going to set the interior design world in 2017. The in colors will be all shades of green, beginning with lime green and going up to emerald and including dark green. It will run across all parts of the home, whether as a wall color or that of a rug or throw. Dark green walls can easily be contrasted with brass lamps, tan leather or natural linen. It brings about depth when used to contrast decor items and ushers into your home a slice of Nature.
  • Jewel tones: The pinks and blues of the past will now make way for jewel tones, inspired by the cosmos, stars, space and clouds. Opal, raw-cut quartz, metals and Lucite will add their own interest and glitz to the scene and create a softness to this trend.

Conclusion: By incorporating any or some of these trends of 2017, you can have a home that’s up with the latest in interior design of this year. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and redesign your home.



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