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Looking for a home away from home, search no further from the five hidden Thailand luxury beach resorts. Thailand is a well-known tourist destination. It attracts people from all over the world since it has the best scenery when it comes to beaches. Usually, people feel compelled time and again to use their hard earned money to have a good time, especially during the holiday seasons. Getting the right sites to visit can become quite an issue for many people due to financial constraints coupled with a shortage of affordable resort destinations. However, there are a number of Thailand luxury villas that have not gained so much fame, yet they provide quality service. To this end, they are sites worth mentioning.


The Sunset Cove Resort

Presently, there are five luxury villas in Thailand that cater to the needs of both the wealthy and middle-class people. Though not very popular, these locations are able to provide the same services that one would find in five-star resorts. Sunset Cove Resort is on top of this list. Located in Southern Thailand, this resort station is able to provide both indoor and outdoor activities at fairly reasonable prices. For instance, hiring kayaks and mountain bikes would not cost a person an arm or a leg. Located near to the beach, visitors are able to enjoy the best sunrise and sunsets. The Sunset Cove Resort also has a number of restaurants within its vicinity making food, accommodation and beverage services easily accessible.

Crystal Bay Beach Resort

Also, on this list, is the Crystal Bay Beach Resort. Many people that visited this specific luxury villa gave specific feedback on the quality service that they received. Peculiar to this institution is the state of art massage service offered to visitors at a fairly competitive price. Since people on holiday always want to escape from crowded environments, the Crystal Bay Beach Resort offers the much-needed tranquility. In addition, the accommodating rooms have a large beach frontage thus helping tourists enjoy the vast ocean view at all times.

V-view Beach Resort

V-view Beach Resort is one of the beach villas in Thailand that acts as an ideal tourist destination. It is a resort station with spacious rooms, quality service, and beautiful beach view and is located in a very quiet environment. Above all, the cost is fairly low compared to what this facility offers. Hence, it is a location that people on a tight budget can choose to visit while in Thailand. Many who have had the opportunity of visiting V-view Beach Resort call it “a slice of heaven.”

Railay Garden View Resort

Railay Garden View Resort is also another luxury villa in Thailand. Located on top of a hill, it enables visitors to have a panoramic view of its surroundings. This resort station offers the best service since all members of staff are friendly to guests. Hence, it is a great place to visit, especially for people who are fond of the natural environment.

Coastal Escape

Thailand private pool villas also include the Coastal Escape. This is tourist site like no other. It is a mix of both the natural and artificial environment. Located near the sea, guests are able to have an uninterrupted view of the water expanse. The climate here is tropical in nature thus allowing people to bask and sand-bath on a daily basis. When it comes to accommodation, the services offered are exemplary. Rooms are spacious, and there is always bed and breakfast for everyone. In addition, each adult is offered free massage for one hour as a complimentary gift. Other services offered for free include mountain bike and kayak riding.

Hence, the above-mentioned five luxury villas in Thailand are interesting locations people ought to visit over their free time. Although services here are cheap to access, they are delivered in a very friendly and hospitable manner. Also, they are able to offer one the much-coveted peace and quiet, not forgetting beautiful natural scenery.

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