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Since office work tends to last 8 to 9 hours, it is reasonable that some employees feel the need to behave as though they were in their own home from time to time. It is therefore paramount to educate them about the acceptable behavior within an office environment, and more importantly in the bathroom. Because offices typically have only one bathroom for each gender, it is crucial that some health and safety regulations are established, as well as rules of adequate behavior. In order to help you turn the office bathroom into a safe and hygienic space, we recommend implementing some of the following bathroom etiquette rules in your workplace.


1. Always wash your hands

First things first, an office environment hosts a lot of people and therefore there are a lot of germs being carried left and right. It is therefore advised that people wash their hands before and after they’ve used the facilities. Here are some hand washing posters that you can hang in the bathroom for you and your coworkers.

2. Keep socializing to a minimum

No one appreciates conversations in the bathroom. The purpose of the bathroom is for one to alleviate the physiological needs and to get on with one’s business. A simple one-word greeting is acceptable, but don’t try to communicate with your coworkers for longer periods of time. You should try not to make the unpleasantness of office bathrooms worse. You will get a chance to speak to your colleagues during a break, or after office hours. Additionally, loud and long phone conversations are also not acceptable in the bathroom.

3. Keep the bathroom well equipped

Even though it is said never to treat the office bathroom as your personal one, it is certainly recommended if you want to keep the bathroom clean and well stocked. Make sure that there is always enough toilet paper and soap. It is also great if the bathroom is equipped with paper towels and hand dryers. As the boss, you can always arrange with the owner of the office building to do some remodeling. Consult with the most qualified contractors for the best bathroom renovations

4. Don’t make the bathroom filthy

The more people uses the bathroom, the more cleaning will it need. People tend to bring all sorts of bacteria and allergens inside. It is generally advisable that you also install some air fresheners.  Make sure to clean the toilet after use. Don’t be that person who doesn’t pick up tissues that fall on the bathroom floor – if you can touch the door knobs in the office, you can certainly pick things up from the bathroom floor and wash your hands afterwards.

5. Some things should be done at home

Even if it is commendable that you are able to feel at home at an office bathroom, it is certainly not a place where you can clip your nails or shave your beard. These actions will not only spur up some horrible gossip about you around the office, but it can also be a cause for you to get fired from work.

6. Urinal rules

There are some unspoken rules that should apply to every office bathroom. First, make sure to always keep one space, or one urinal, between you and your coworker. Don’t make any eye contact. Items like tissues and bubblegum should never be thrown into a urinal – keep in mind that somebody will have to clean it up after you. In order to remind your coworkers, we recommend hanging some practical bathroom etiquette posters.

7. It’s not a canteen

The bathroom is no place where you and your coworkers can come to eat and drink. Make sure that you leave your beverages and meals at your desk for later. More importantly, if you even consider smoking in the office bathroom, you can get yourself fired in no time.

8. It’s not a game room

If your office job allows for 1 to 2 breaks per day, you would want to use that time as much as possible. Still, it is not a great idea to play hacky sack or other forms of sport with your coworkers in the bathroom.

9. It’s not a fashion studio

This rule specifically targets women in the office. It’s ok if you want to go in and fix your lipstick. But if you sit down in front of the bathroom sink, pull out all your makeup equipment from your purse, and start putting it on as if you were in a dressing room preparing for a fashion event, then you will certainly get in trouble.

All in all, bathroom etiquette is certainly not that difficult to maintain. All it takes is following the guidelines, and taking care of the office bathroom as if it were your own.


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