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It’s chaotic, dizzying, beautiful and busy in Bangkok, which is Thailand’s capital. You can find everything in this bustling city including serene temples and crowded open markets. This is a list of the best activities for you and your family when living in this incredible city.


Bike Tour

A bike tour will help you see the city in a way that isn’t possible with any other mode of transportation. You’ll head out of the city to see other hidden gems in the outskirts like fruit orchards and quaint villages alongside ancient temples. When it comes to fun activities to do in Bangkok, you can’t beat a bike tour. You could enjoy a night bike tour as a couple around Rattanaskosin Island with the stunning night views to accompany you.


Bobble Football

If you’ve never heard of bobble football, you need to try it while you’re in Bangkok. You’ll slip an inflatable ball over your head, hold on tight to the straps and run around playing soccer with your family and friends. Normally, you might be given a penalty for slamming into the other team, in bobble football, everyone will cheer. You can even make your own teammates fall and bounce around on the ground. By the time you’ve scored one goal, both teams will be full of laughter as people tumble and bounce all over the field.


Cooking Class

After visiting Bangkok and tasting all that it has to offer in terms of fantastic food, you can take a cooking class and bring that local flavor home with you. A typical class will involve heading to the local market to pick up the fresh ingredients you’ll need for your recipe. Class attendees will receive an introduction to Thai flavors as well as some recipes. At the end of the class, the students will sit down to lunch together to sample the results. You’ll be able to take the recipes home and make authentic Thai dishes for your friends and family, which is much better than sharing a few photographs with them after your trip.


Escape Game

If you love solving puzzles and playing point-and-click escape room games, you’ll thoroughly enjoy this real-life, escape-the-room game. You’ll need at least two players along with a sense of adventure for this escape game Bangkok visitors will not forget. This unique adventure is great for families and couples. You’ll only have forty-five minutes to escape the room as a team working together. This is a great activity where your entire family has to work with each other to figure out the clues.


Ice Skating

One way to escape the heat of Thailand is to take the children indoors for a little ice skating. They’ll need thick socks, jeans and gloves, so if you plan on taking them indoors for a change of pace, make sure they’re dressed appropriately. There are a few ice skating rinks within the city of Bangkok. Two of them are small while there’s a large Olympic size rink within the city limits too. This is one of many fun things to do in Bangkok with family.


When it comes to adventure activities with the family, there are plenty of fun things to do in Bangkok. You can have an indoor adventure playing an escape game or ice skating. When it comes to outdoor activities, take a tour of the city on a bike or enjoy a fun, sweaty game of bobble football.


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