Life and Work in the Country of Thailand as an Expat

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Life and Work in the Country of Thailand as an Expat

Travel is often the prime motivation for people who want to start living the digital nomad lifestyle. One of the best places to visit as a digital nomad is Bangkok, Thailand. They want to work in Bangkok or work and travel across Thailand. There are 5 main reasons why people have traded their life in a cubicle for traveling to the beautiful country of Thailand.

There are Great Amenities and Activities in Thailand

Throughout the country of Thailand, digital nomads can spend some of their hours working since they need to fund their travel, but they’re also able to take part in amazing adventures. There are bustling, energizing cities like Bangkok where there’s plenty to do like dining on local delicacies. Chiang Mai, in the northern part of Thailand, has great trails and mountains for hiking. The city has become a popular favorite with many digital nomads, and it’s one of the largest cities in the country.

Nomads Can Find Affordable Living Arrangements

For long-term nomads planning to stay in Thailand, Bangkok is a great place with affordable apartments especially the Silom area. Many digital nomads are on a strict budget, and their money has to stretch while they take advantage of the local area. Anyone coming from the west will find that Thailand, in general, is incredibly affordable. There are studios and small furnished rooms for approximately three hundred U.S. dollars a month. Nearby, digital nomads can find co working space in Bangkok for a low price.

Internet and Co-Working Spaces are Available

In some areas of the country, the availability of Internet access can be slim and unreliable. This makes it important to find co-working spaces where the Internet is fast and reliable. Luckily, most of the major cities have co-working spaces like Silom, which has The Work Loft. It’s a co-working space where digital nomads can gather to use the private meetings rooms, or take advantage of the high-speed Internet for Skype meetings. Some co-working spaces will even offer a 14-day trial for digital nomads.

Meeting Up with Other Digital Nomads

It can be tough to travel alone, which is what many nomads will do. The popularity of Thailand as a destination for digital nomads means that there are plenty of others startups in Bangkok you can meet on your travels. Many expats find that they love living in Thailand, and they’re always willing to meet with travelers. There are often events and meetups for having conversations as well as hikes with other nomads. Shared office space is one of the best places to find out about these events and make friends with fellow travelers.

The Requirements for a Thailand Visa are Lenient

There are a few different types of visas for people who want to travel to Thailand to work. It’s vital to research the current requirements for the dates of your travel before you head to the airport. An education visa will allow digital nomads to pursue a nomad lifestyle while working and learning the language. There are self-defense visas where you can learn about protection, and a tourist visa, but digital nomads would have to worry about overstaying their welcome.

While you should always conduct research on the cities you’ll be visiting in Thailand, a digital nomad lifestyle is alive and well in the country. You’ll have to decide what kind of amenities and atmosphere you’d like that will help you work and travel in Thailand. There are both country settings as well as city settings, so nomads can always find exactly what they’re looking for in beautiful Thailand.

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