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The Siam District, also known as the Rama 1 Shopping Precinct, is a block located on Rama 1 road that contains a stronghold of Thailand’s biggest flagship shopping malls.

Located on Rama 1 road, a continued stretch of prime Sukhumvit Road where one meets the other, is the Siam District, an indisputable section of central downtown.  As well, both of Bangkok’s skytrain routes converge at the Siam skytrain station and is a literal gateway to shopping paradise there.

Full description and map of the Siam District here 

The Rama 1 Shopping Precinct consists of five shopping malls linked by walkways and a historic precedence  

1. Siam Paragon 

Siam Paragon by Siam Piwat

Photo by Siam Piwat

Siam Paragon is Thailand’s most iconic shopping mall.  What used to be a hotel, has set the precedence for every luxury & lifestyle mall in Thailand.  On its 10 floors are massive hallways of fine trim and shiny banisters lined with luxury designer shops to even exotic car dealerships, together with consumer brands and a Robinson’s department store.  Siam Paragon also wows with attractions such as an IMAX Theater, Sea Life Bangkok Ocean World and the Royal Paragon Convention Hall.

On elevated ground, Siam Paragon can be entered through the skytrain platform at the BTS Siam station.  On its sweeping grounds, the open courtyard which hosts live events, is also a walkway of water fountains to the next shopping center right beside it.


2. Siam Center

Siam Center by Siam Piwat

Photo by Siam Piwat

Siam Center is a lower-key shopping mall that is geared towards mid-market fashion enthusiasts who have good taste.  The 6 floor shopping mall is an eclectic mix urban fashion shops for the fashionably conscious.  In the same vain, the carefully selected restaurants and choices of international dishes in its food court, the Food Republic, exhibit the same great taste and exceptional value.

Perusing down its mood-inspiring hallways brings you passage to the next shopping mall discovery.


3. Siam Discovery

Siam Discovery by Siam Piwat

Photo by Siam Piwat

Siam Discovery is a more quiet experience to attain your upmarket shopping brands.  Siam Discovery carves out a classy venue fitting for Hollywood-stars in wax museum states, as well as real-live stars who regularly make media appearances and hold autograph signings there.  But apart from special galas, Siam Discovery is a unique place for cultivated refinements.

The road-crossing catwalk from the Siam Discovery leads you to another of Thailand’s flagship malls.


4. MBK

MBK (c)

MBK or Mah Boon Kroong, is another one of Bangkok’s flagship shopping malls that’s a must for tourists and shopaholics out for a bargain.  This ‘mega’ outlet/ flea market / retail mall, has it all whether in bulk, made-to-order, brand names, or second-hand.  Aside from everything you an possibly imagine, if an item is hard-to-find or region locked, MBK is your best bet.  With 10-floors, over 2,000 shops and the International Food Avenue, be sure to plan for a full-day.

Completing the square, opposite Siam Paragon is a light-hearted shopping affair with some air to it.


5. Siam Square

Siam Center by tofuprod (a)

Photo by tofuprod/flickr : cropped

Siam Square is a charming shopping square filled with indy shops and eateries along the town’s footpaths and lawn.  Siam Square also caters to a large student crowd from nearby Chulalongkorn University with all kinds of tutoring services adding to the town’s atmosphere.  A leisurely stroll inside Siam Square’s quarters will you bring you past a gallery of shop dens, eventually spilling out to the main road to rows of Bangkok street stalls opposite Siam Paragon.  Attached to Siam Square is the Square One building, a multi-level fashion complex; and the Digital Gateway, a tower to buy your electronic gadgets.

The Siam skytrain platform can also lead you directly into the Digital Gateway from above.


Places to live in the Siam District

The Seed Memories Siam (b)

Located on Kasem San 3 street

While entirely occupied by imposing shopping malls, there are some nice residences and condos that can be found around the borders of Siam’s Shopping District.  The side-streets of Kasem San 1, 2 & 3 offer a surprisingly quiet and suburban atmosphere, which run off from the Rama 1 road on MBK’s side of the things.

The Kasem San streets are also just beside other landmarks in the area like the National Sports Stadium and the Bangkok Cultural Center.

For condominiums and apartments on the surprisingly quiet residential streets of Kasem San in the Siam Shopping District click here





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