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Property hunting is an exciting process where you get to “ogle” at the best of what your budget has to offer!

From the simple pleasures of having good friends over to commuting to work, it’s great imagining where your new place will take you in the next 6 to 12 months.

Unfortunately, that wonderful feeling can soon begin to wane in a big city like Bangkok.  There are literally THOUSANDS of condos to chose from.  Frustration can start to set in due to an overload of choices and not being able to pin down your perfect place.

So here are a few tips that will make your Property Search as stress-free as possible!


As biased as the first tip may sound, Property Agents are your friends!  They advise, recommend and view properties day-in and day-out and they are here to save you an enormous amount of time.

Select 1-2 Agencies and discuss your property requirements.  More than that and you may suffer from information/option overload.

Always be clear on:

  • Budget Range
  • Number of Beds and Minimum Room Size Required
  • Preferred Locations
  • Any Facilities Requirements

This way, property agents can efficiently and concisely recommend options that suit your requirements immediately available to rent.


Thinking of organizing a Viewing Marathon? Think again because going from unit to unit and condo building to condo building is a tiring process especially in the Bangkok heat.

From experience, clients tend to forget the specific details of a condo after the 3rd unit viewing. Pace yourself by organizing only 2-3 condo viewings for the day.

With the permission of the owner/agent, take plenty of pictures to jog your memory when reviewing your options in your free time.  If required, take plenty of notes about your thoughts and observations during the viewing.


When viewing a property that appeals to you, always make sure you pay attention to details.

Evaluate the functionality of the unit’s layout, the quality of the furniture and the condo’s fittings. Don’t be afraid to check the appliances and turn on the taps to check the water pressure.

While this would be more of a concern for a “buyer”, it doesn’t hurt to pay attention to the condo’s common areas and facilities as well.

Check for signs of “lack of maintenance” or simply “poor service” from the building’s management staff. This could mean an ineffective management and slow response should you have any issues.


Access the Area (a)If you’re not familiar with an area, always take time to casually assess the neighborhood and its residents before and after a viewing.

Lookout for amenities you’ll require such as 7/11’s, Grocery Stores, Restaurants and Coffee Shops that are in close proximity.

Also assess the Condo’s accessibility, based on your personal situation:

  • Is it well connected by Road?
  • Distance from the BTS skytrain and MRT subway?
  • Easy to grab a Motorcycle Taxi or Cab?
  • How long does it take to commute?
  • How long does it take to go to “X Area”?


Nothing is worse than selecting a beautiful condo in a pleasant street only to find out that during the rainy season, it’s impossible to grab a taxi.

As dull as this might sound, “remember you will need to step out of the property” so area is a crucial factor in the decision making process.

This concludes this Rental Viewing Tips article for now.  Good luck with your property search!

About the guest author:

Fresh Property Logo

Pierre Leung is the Sales Manager of Fresh Property, a boutique property agency that specializes in Sales and Rental of Residential Property in the Sukhumvit Area of Bangkok.

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