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FindYourSpace is going to tell you the exact center of downtown Bangkok, a topic of much debate


The location of Central Bangkok has become open to several interpretations.  Reason being, Bangkok is composed of 50 sub-districts and a rapid development spilling over district lines and an efficient mass rail transit that binds them.

Areas such as Chidlom, Pratunam, Ploenchit, Thonglor, Siam are advertised by condominiums and office buildings for being in the ‘heart of Bangkok’ under these pretexts and not easily disagreed with.

What all experts will agree with however, are the 3 most prominent districts in Bangkok that come to mind immediately when asked where central Bangkok is.  Yet that still that doesn’t pin the center down to one location.  The following will.

The 3 most prominent central Bangkok districts

(And the real center of all downtown Bangkok!)



Sathorn Boulevard

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Sathorn is a central Bangkok district known for finance and commerce that can stand on its own.  Along the Sathorn boulevard is a collection of modern skyscrapers and office structures with the biggest corporations, banks and embassies inside them.  The headquarters of Standard Charter, HSBC, RHB, BNP, UOB banks are all located in Sathorn.  The embassies of America, France, Germany, Australia and Singapore can all also be found in Sathorn.  At Sathorn’s front intersection is Lumpini Park, Bangkok’s largest inner-city park.  There is subway station at the front of the block as well, and access by skytrain by its rear.  Luxurious executive condominiums join Sathorn’s skyline to attract the affluent working there.

Although Sathorn is an important central district for international trade, it doesn’t top our list.



Silom front intersection

For property listings in Silom, click on picture (flickr/Asian Development Bank)

Silom is an older but well-established and diversified business center that is easily an independent central Bangkok district.  Just one intersection away from Sathorn, Silom is a lively business, retail, restaurant and entertainment center that doesn’t close shop at night.  During the day, it is a bustling and populous place for business.  After office-hours, lights turn on on walking streets, bistros and pubs, transforming Silom into a vibrant night scene which attracts large tourist crowds as well.  The popular district has both a subway and skytrain station at the top of its street that Lumpini Park touches also. And while resident suites and serviced apartments are mainly found around the perimeter of Silom, a number of large hotels are located in its middle.

But despite Silom’s diversity of business, people and entertainment, the center of Bangkok goes to another district.


Asoke-Sukumvhit Junction

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The center of Bangkok goes to the Asoke district.  And the exact center point where all of central Bangkok emanates from – the Asoke-Sukhumvit intersection.  There, the Terminal 21 shopping complex and the skytrain-subway interchange station bring thousands of lives colliding with each other everyday. There, is an armada of 5-star hotels, business offices, shops and entertainment venues that make every tourists guide’s job easy and shapes the modern landscape.  There, is the greatest diversity of nationalities, languages, cultures, foods, and services that define what a cosmopolitan is.  There, is an entire range of condominiums, serviced apartments and homes that have the most desired location – prime Sukhumvit real-estate.  And there, is where popular districts along Sukhumvit road (Thailand’s most famous road) spread their wings from – and find the need to link back to.

For the money, the Asoke-Sukhumvit intersection is the center of all downtown Bangkok.


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