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Nestled in Bangkok’s Central Business District, Thong Lo has without a doubt consolidated its position as Sukhumvit’s hippest and trendiest neighborhood. When referring to the area, residents of the city are usually referring to “Soi Sukhumvit 55” or “Soi Thong Lo”, which is a major artery that connects Sukhumvit Road to Phetchaburi Road; this busy thoroughfare has resulted in a mushrooming of commercial activity along Thong Lo and its Sub-Sois. On top of this the BTS makes travelling to and from the area incredibly convenient and has attracted an eclectic crowd of high-flying professionals (Thai and Expat)!

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 So why is Thong Lo so trendy?

Anyone who enjoys going out (Day and Night) is extremely spoilt for choice in this neighborhood!  During the day, Thong Lo has loads of cafes such as Maison Eric Kayser, shops such as the popular J Avenue Community Mall and restaurants (Brunch at Roast on Thong Lo 13 on Sundays, ALWAYS a great weekend option).

At night, things get even more exciting with Thong Lo 10 offering a bustling mix of bars and night clubs. Some of you night owls will recognize venues such as Muse, Demo and Funky Villa; for people who are more “chill and chat”, Thong Lo 13 has Seenspace which has a comfortable and pleasant beer garden. The best thing, it does not stop here and the list of night life venues goes on and on and on!

On top of all this, foodies never go hungry in this neighborhood, with some top dining options such as “Iron Chef Table” with its Asian Fusion cuisine, “Masala Art” offering amazing curries and “Supanniga Eating Room” and its homely Thai food. It is important to note that Thong Lo is very popular with the Japanese Expat community and anyone looking for good bowl of ramen or some fresh sushi should head straight to Thong Lo (Thong Lo 13, hosts numerous Japanese Eateries and shops).

On a more serious note, the attractive lifestyle the area has to offer has made this part of Sukhumvit an investment hotspot. On a Capital Appreciation level, good residential developments within Thong Lo have seen attractive rises in price; on a buy-to-let perspective, since the area is desirable there is always a steady stream of potential tenants. Developers and businessmen are in tune with this trend and Thong Lo is currently seeing a frenzy of development activity (Residential and Commercial). The area has recently seen the launch of Taste Thong Lo a retail mall and Maze Thong Lo an 800 million baht Community Mall. On a residential perspective, Gaysorn Property is developing Tela Thong Lo a luxury Residential Project. All this development activity can only mean that the area is set to continue consolidating its appeal as the “cool place to be”!


Thong Lo offers an eclectic mix of condos, and here are a few options Fresh Property has to offer:


1. Quattro by Sansiri

Beautiful and modern development, offering great luxury facilities; Units in this development tend to be modern and fresh!

Quattro set

For available condominiums at Quattro in Thong Lo click here

2. The Clover

Thong Lo offers a large amount of luxury condos; however these options tend to lean toward the expensive! The Clover, despite not being the trendiest option offers the benefit of affordability and good value for money without compromising on lifestyle!

Clover set

 For available condominiums at The Clover in Thong Lo click here

3. Noble Solo

Located on the far end of Thong Lo (Closer to Phetchaburi Road), some units offer amazing views. The units tend to offer a comfortable amount of space and most benefit from plenty of natural light (Obviously depending on side and floor).

Noble Solo set

 For available condominiums at Noble Solo in Thong Lo click here

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