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Sukhumvit road is the most famous road in Thailand. It’s the longest in the nation and one of the longest roads in the world.

Sukhumvit road's length

Sukhumvit road is 400 km long on its short side.  It begins in a central Bangkok district called Ploenchit, and ends just shy of the Cambodian border.  If Sukhumvit were a measuring tape, it could cover the span of Sweden.

Sukhumvit road was completed in 1936 to further trade and travel to the south, but officially named ‘Sukhumvit’ in 1950.  Thailand’s longest road was named in honor of Phrapisal Sukhumvit, the country’s most famed road builder who was also the first Thai graduate out of Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in the United States.

The word ‘Sukhumvit’ is synonymous with downtown metropolis Bangkok.  Sukhumvit road is the capital city’s main trunk line where all the biggest commercial and residential projects strive for a location. Entire districts are built on it.  A mass transit skytrain system is dedicated to servicing it.

Having an address on Sukhumvit is ‘prime real-estate’ in Bangkok and fetches the highest prices and returns.  Properties along prime Sukhumvit road here.

Central block BKK for blog

Streets that branch off from main roads are are called ‘soi’ pronounced ‘soy’ in Thai.

For all intents and purposes, central Bangkok downtown is comprised of the sub-districts located between the Ploenchit district and the Ekkamai district, laid out along what’s called prime Sukhumvit location.  

What’s confusing at first are the many Sukhumvit street numbers. Sukhumvit 1, Sukhumvit 55, Sukhumvit 100/1. These are the many sub-streets that branch off from the main Sukhumvit trunk line, the grand daddy of them all.

But these so-called sub-streets, aren’t as minor as they may sound. They create thoroughfares connecting Sukhumvit major to other big roads in Bangkok.  They also form the foundation where popular downtown districts are built, each possessing their own distinct flavor.

The area of Ekkamai is actually located along Sukhumvit 63. Sukhumvit 63 is just a street that branches off from Main Sukhumvit.  The street eventually connects with another big road in Bangkok called Petchaburi.  The area in between it called Ekkamai, has become popular with young expats for its trendy yet down-to-earth vibe.  Ekkamai road is in fact interchangeable with Sukhumvit 63.  (More about the Ekkamai neighborhood and places to live here)

The area of Thong Lor is really just Sukhumvit 55.  Sukhumvit 55 is another street that shoots off from Sukhumvit major.  Meeting your friends on Thong Lor street is meeting your friends on Sukhumvit 55.  Thong Lor 10, a stylish night spot for the most well-to-do socialites, is in fact one of the side-streets down Sukhumvit 55.  (More about the Thong Lor neighborhood and places to live here)

The area of Phrom Phong is built right on Sukhumvit major and is known for being an upscale area for the wealthy.  While its residential sprawl extends on both sides of Sukhumvit major – a neighborhood ideal for expat families was created.  The Phrom Phong area is the accumulation of Sukhumvit 39 and Sukhumvit 41 which extends north of the main trunk line, and Sukhumvit 24 and Sukhumvit 26 which extend south to Rama IV road.  (More about the Phrom Phong neighborhoods and places to live here)


The neighborhood of Phrom Phong, ideal for families in the city

Beyond prime-Sukhumvit real-estate in Bangkok, exists other emerging areas of high interest.  Because of its famous road address, districts such as On Nut, east in a lower priced part of Sukhumvit; is beneficiary to a cluster of new condominium developments, growing commercial amenities and just-minutes-access to the city center by skytrain. (More about the area of On Nut and places to live here)

Still, winding through 6 of the country’s provinces before reaching Cambodia, Sukhumvit manages to maintain its star power.  For example, Sukhumvit runs through Pattaya, a tourist beach city with super prime real-estate in the Chonburi province.  But despite the beautiful beach-side views, it is still desirable to have property on the long stretch of Sukhumvit road there, as all paths lead back.  (Places to live on Sukhumvit road in Pattaya)

Sukhumvit Road Soi 3/1

flickr/Ian Fuller

Streets that branch off from main roads are are spelt ‘soi’ in Thai pronounced ‘soy’.

Sub-streets in Bangkok are odd-numbered on one side of a main road, and even-numbered on its opposite side.

Sukhumvit 3/1 would lie between the sub-streets of Sukkhumvit soi 3 and Sukhumvit soi 5.



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