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Many people dread the idea of house renovation because of the costs it implies. However, if you are a DIY kind of person, you can style up your home cheaply and easily. Here are some suggestions.


1. Paint the Walls

Renew old flooring (b)

Paint gives a dramatic transformation to your home with little investment. Everything looks new and improved with one stroke of the brush. You do not have to be a professional painter to do a good paint job, you just need an idea. You can go for a virgin white look, or paint the walls in contrasting colours. If you are really bold and artistic, use masking tape to divide a wall into sections and do each section in a different colour, or a different shade of the same colour.


2. Renew Old Flooring

Did you know you can also paint your floors? If you have not got the budget to do entirely new flooring, revamp the old floor with a coat of durable paint. Do a striped or checkered pattern to add personality to the room. If your old floors are in a really bad shape and need to be replaced, install floating cork floor. It can be easily DIY-ed and is much cheaper than traditional wood flooring, yet it provides much more warmth to the room.


3. Make Shade and Add Privacy

Add flowers (c)

How to multiply perennials by dividing them

Interior shutters were a standard ‘window treatment’ once and are a great way to bring vintage feel into your living room. They keep the annoying sunbeams and summer heat outside, and are an excellent protection against prying eyes. Their installation might require a more advanced level of handicraftsmanship, so consult professional residential builders if you are not sure you could do it yourself.


4. Add More Flowers

Add flowers, flowers, and some more flowers to your garden and front lawn. Perennials are the most cost effective since they can last for years. If you have green fingers, you can divide your perennials every few years to multiply them, thus saving more money. This method will also invigorate the growth of your plants, and you will be able to control it. Choose the species that bloom from early spring to late autumn so your garden would look nice for the most part of the year.


5. Give Your Kitchen a New Finish

To add space to your kitchen, give a bright makeover to the cabinets. Clean the frames and doors, sandpaper them, and colour in sunny yellow, or grass green. If your appliances are in good working order, you can paint them as well with electrostatic paint to refresh their look. If they need replacing choose built in appliances that can be hidden with face panels that match the rest of the kitchen cabinets. Although Energy Star-qualified appliances cost a little more to begin with, they soon pay themselves off by saving you money on utility bills. An old dishwasher can cost you almost 500 gallons of water more than a new generation energy-efficient one. You can install a dishwasher yourself in a couple of hours. No need to spend money on a plumber or electrician. Your old counter has earned his retirement — replace it with a new granite piece.


6. Install Ceiling Fans

Install ceiling fans (b)

Make your home more green by installing a ceiling fan and reducing the use of the air conditioner. The installation is relatively simple, and you will be saving energy year-round since the fans circulate cool air in summer and make a breeze, and heated air in winter and keep the room warm.

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