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Vertical gardening gained much attraction in recent years, and considering the fact that today, majority of mankind lives in the cities which are not the best suited for gardening due to lack of space, it is not hard to see why people started looking upwards while searching for their own piece of Paradise.  Ranging from pure decoration to fully-functional, production-capable gardens and from hi-tech buildings to backyard improvisation; new vertical gardens sprout everywhere around us each day.

So, if you want to jump on the bandwagon we will give you few ideas you can try to emulate in your own home.

1.  Bosco Verticale (Milan, Italy)

1. Bosco Verticale for blog

This pair of residential buildings in the Puerto Nova district of Milan is not called “Vertical Forest” for nothing. Creating staggering contrast with urban city skyline, these two buildings, designed by Stefano Boeri, host more than 900 trees (550 and 350 in each tower respectively) on more than 8.900 square meters of terraces. Although the very buildings were constructed primarily for this purpose, they prove that such astonishing amount of plants can be pulled off even on something that is otherwise considered a very small surface. If your house or a building features a lot of terraces, you can easily try to emulate this look.


2.  A Garden Made Out of Plastic Bottles

2. Plastic bottles garden for blog

Such kind of project can be considered a “vertical gardening 101”, so you should not hesitate to work out your DIY muscles on this kind of example. Usually seen in narrow yards fenced with tall concrete walls, recycled bottle gardens are doing the twofold duty. They give you enough space to grow plants in the surrounding that was meant for all but that, and they give new purpose to something that would otherwise become a dangerous waste.


3.  Chimney Garden

3. Vancouver for blog

Designed by Mark Weinmaster at one of the luxury condo buildings present in Vancouver, chimney garden gives entirely new meaning to “fighting for the every green centimeter available”. If your house is already covered with plants, you can still go a little bit further and do something special even with your chimney. Greening up the chimney alone will probably create even more appealing look – claim experts from Rapid Spray.


4.  Green Cast Façade (Odawara-shi, Japan)

4. Odawara Shi for blog

This four-storey building, designed by Kengo Kuma & Associates, features patchwork aluminum façade with bumpy textures and dozens of tiny holes. The plants grow from between the panels, while rainwater downpipes and ventilation shafts are concealed behind them. What is so great about this look is that it offers naturalistic, and yet very urban appearance. It can also be easily emulated with cinder blocks, so you can try it for yourself.


5.  Indoor Vertical Gardens

5. Indoor Vertical Garden by Wicker Paradise for blog

We will round up our list of coolest gardening ideas with the indoor vertical gardens, because no matter how well they may work in your backyard, they are way cooler inside, especially if your home is modern, and minimalistic. Lush plant life peaking from your shoe cabinet, or, for example the vertical garden you made out of wooden pallets, will create stark contrast to its surroundings and leave no spectator indifferent. The more out there the placement of your indoor garden is, the stronger the effect will be. Better indoor air quality is just another reason to try this option.

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