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FindYourSpace is Thailand’s newest property portal which improves the home-seeker’s experience and puts all the quality listings into one spot so you don’t miss out on finding your perfect place!

Here’s why you should try out the FindYourSpace mobile app


1.  Quality Listings

FindYourSpace displays only quality listings from property agencies managed and run by professional expats based in Thailand.  These agencies cater to newcomers in the country and have established client bases in Europe and the Asia-Pacific.

Homes, serviced apartments and condominiums for rent or sale in the middle to high-end market are listed on FindYourSpace.

FYS Agencies


2. Design and Photos

The FindYourSpace app is a joy to use.  The design is uncluttered and runs smooth like silk.  The app uses a card-style layout which dedicates a huge chunk of space for the best part of property shopping – viewing all the photos!

Tons of exclusive photos come with FindYourSpace listings so you can see exactly what those beautiful places look like on the inside.


Look at some beautiful property photos on the FindYourSpace app


3. Instant messaging

Your messages actually reach someone with the FindYourSpace app.  Your questions are sent directly to the personal mobile device of the agent-in-charge!

Messaging is simple and doesn’t require lengthy forms to fill in.  Messages pop up in notification bars, received anywhere anytime for prompt replies and answers you’re looking for.


4. Powerful Search Features

In addition to all the filters that can narrow down your search, Google Maps is built into the app. That means searching properties by location couldn’t be easier and doesn’t require the hassle of opening another program.

Street View and Directions features are also integrated into the app and work flawlessly.



See how useful FindYourSpace’s location based searches and map features are 


5. Supplemental information

FindYourSpace app comes with supplemental information about the neighborhoods and the residential development you’re interested in.  Information and listings are updated regularly and currently available for Bangkok, Pattaya and Phuket.  (Chaingmai, Hua Hin and Changrai coming soon)

The app is available on Android and supports languages English, Thai, Russian, French and Norwegian with greater support on the way.

Check out other useful features on FindYourSpace mobile app 

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