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The Street Ratchada, a fashionable lifestyle mall with an all-nighter appeal, is about to bring back some much needed zest to the mid-town area of Bangkok in Ratchada. The Street Ratchada

The Street Ratchada, a reconstruction of the now defunct Robinson plaza and once a cool hangout for it’s evening terrace cafes and bistros – is about to open for midtown scenesters who’ve been left stranded for far too long.

The wait was worth the while because The Street Ratchada’s lifestyle mall is bigger and better fulfilling every lifestyle need from beauty, fashion, dining, entertainment, services – and a zone that will be open 24 hours!  

The Street Ratchada is based on 3 themes

  • Street Mall – Eat out, shop or take care of some business at a bank.  A place that beats staying at home, isn’t expensive or overly lavish to turn you away.
  • Street Life – A place to simply be yourself, go with the flow or listen to your heart. Get down to street level, pull up a chair and be a part of the night’s air.
  • Street Art – Appreciate design and art, dress up in the latest fashion that doesn’t make too strong of a statement but catches eyes and turns fun.


Demand is bursting for The Street Ratchada, located at the Ratchada-Cyber World Tower intersection in a phenomena known as Bangkok’s midtown.  Ratchadapisek road is home to a number of modern condominiums, deluxe hotels and an extensive subway line supporting a ground swell of new generational execs, suburban club-goers and a growing number of tourists, many of whom are bent on staying out past 2 am.

The area around The Street Ratchada is estimated to have 1 million square meters of condominiums, 52,000 hotel rooms and 123,288 cars that cross its intersection each day.

Quality condominiums and serviced apartments in Bangkok’s midtown area of Ratchada

There are plenty of ways to enjoy killing time at the The Street Ratchada.  It’s design is an inspiring mishmash of chic, practical and organic, layered with all kinds of stylized walkways, impromptu benches and extra wide stairs for awesome hangout settings.

The lifestyle mall with no time-strings attached, consists of 5 floors and an outdoor ground level.  To the delight of the Ratchada masses, the 1st floor and outdoor area will be open 24 hours.

walkways and step seats

The Street Ratchada’s level plan

  • 1st floor – Beauty and International Restaurant
  • 2nd floor – Street Fashion
  • 3rd floor – Service and IT Zone
  • 4th floor – Dining and restaurants
  • 5th floorBounce Sport Jumping Revolution; a new and challenging way to exercise on trampolines and indoor climbing
  • Ground Floor – post office and restaurants

*Grand opening is planned for this December 2015

More information and photos at

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