How to Properly Clean and Maintain Floors in Your Home

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Cleaning floors might be one of the most tiresome and boring house chores – if you have a big house, it takes a lot of time and energy to make all the floors spotless. However, some types of floors are easy to clean and most people take this feature into account when deciding on which flooring material to purchase. Here is how you can clean hardwood floors, ceramic tile floors and concrete floors.

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Hardwood Floors

First, think about precaution. If you do not scratch the floor and bring in the dirt from the outside, your floors will last longer. This can be achieved by avoiding walking around in high heels and installing felt pads and floor protectors on your furniture.

When it comes to cleaning, your old vacuum cleaner will do the trick, provided you use it at least twice a week. Moreover, you can sweep the dust with a microfiber mop every day, if you are up for it. Finally, polishing your floor once every two to three months will give them a finishing touch.

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Ceramic Tile Floors

Ceramic tiles are a popular choice nowadays because they look nice and they are easy to clean. Besides a wide plethora of colors, shapes and patterns, the only things you need to clean them properly are a mop, some hot water and a detergent. And it is that simple since most tile floors are glazed and have an additional barrier that prevents dirt and stains from sticking to them.

However, sometimes you come inside wearing muddy shoes or drop a jar of honey on the floor and that is when you have to bring out the big guns. Having professional equipment like an industrial steam cleaner is always a good idea for big tile surfaces. Furthermore, it will make cleaning your kitchen and bathroom easier and help you reach the highest standard of hygiene.

Concrete Floors

The best thing about concrete floors is that the dirt and stains are hard to spot and you can get rid of them just by an occasional sweep. Alternatively, using a damp mop every once in a while will do the trick as well. However, there is a catch – in order to achieve this state of protection, you must apply wax to your concrete floor, preserve it with a film-forming sealer or even paint it for an additional line of defense.

Polished concrete floors are ideal for people who are not big fans of cleaning and are looking for a low maintenance solution. But, if you want your floors to stand the test of time and keep their original shine, you should use a special conditioner that leaves a new coat of dirt protection over your floors every time you clean them.

Other Types

Other types of flooring, such as stone, vinyl and laminate, can be cleaned by vacuuming, sweeping and wiping with a dry mop once a week. There is no exact formula or schedule, but try to clean your floors as often as possible and do not allow dirt and dust cause you health problems.

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