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Creating an intimate and cosy atmosphere has many benefits and advantages. One of them is transforming your home into a haven of peace and tranquility. If you really want to make your interior more romantic, but you are not exactly sure how to do that, stay with us. Here are some basic tips for incorporating this style in such way that it appeals to all your senses.

Romantic bedroom

Wall Colour

Pale pink, dusty blue, and creamy white are perfect colours to make your interior more romantic. You will not make a mistake if you use beige tones too, because these are colours which will make you feel at peace. These will allow you to relax and feel comfortable, since they are both bright and soothing at the same time. On the other hand, if you want to take romantic ambient to the next level, you could just leave your red brick wall just as it is. Instead of painting it, just use one coat of clear varnish and it will do the trick.

The Touch of Wood

What do you think about your complete interior based on wood, for example – oak? Large beams made of wood, together with heavy, vintage bookshelves will contribute to an overall romantic atmosphere, which will bring you back to the past. Handmade, magnificently carved photo frames will definitely draw your attention while you are walking over the wooden floor. Tables made of solid oak with accompanying chairs will make the room look like it has come out of a romance novel, and massive beds will invite you to relax by lying surrounded by large luxurious pillows, covered with warm blankets.

Romantic touch of wood


You would certainly agree that details indeed make a big difference. Vintage silver candelabras, handmade tablecloths, embroidered cushion covers, curtains and draperies made of finest materials – all of these will make you feel special in such a romantic and intimate atmosphere. The mentioned bookshelves will be stacked with classics whose old-book smell will be appreciated by bookworms. Also, old musical instruments such as saxophone and guitar will make a great decoration if you hang them on your wall. It is very important to know that rug is a crucial element when it comes to any style of home decoration. Perfect floor rugs are the secret keys of successful home decor, and when it comes to romantic interiors, you will not make a mistake by choosing these. A rug made of wool with floral or abstract pattern will be a splendid choice. Just make sure that its colour matches the colour of your walls.


This is an extremely important element of the romantic interior, because it largely contributes to the overall atmosphere. A lot of lamps in different shapes and sizes are crucial for this setting, as well as big chandeliers. Those lamps and chandeliers should be made of small pieces of differently coloured glass, so that they emit a wide range of colours when they are turned on. Scented candles are also desirable in this decorating style, since they are creating an intimate atmosphere.



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