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Fresh Property’s specializes in properties in central Bangkok, currently emphasizing the prime area that runs along the Sukhumvit’s skytrain line.

Pierre Leung, sales manager at Fresh Property says that from an investment and lifestyle standpoint, real-estate in Sukhumvit offers the high standard and work leisure balance that their valued customers expect.

Fresh Property boasts clients in France, the United Kingdom in Europe; and Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong in the Asia Pacific – providing lots of personal advice on oversea investment and relocation.  “In many ways my staff and I, end up being Tour Guides giving (oversea customers) insights into life in Bangkok!”

The BTS-area-specialists deploy an extensive marketing campaign, work through lunch and weekends, and will never show properties you’re not interested in to save owners and property-seekers their valuable time.

“We qualify and vet potential tenants and buyers. Most importantly, we lead and advance negotiations and ensure a win-win deal for both parties”, Pierre added.

Fresh Property provides property sales & rental services in French, English and Thai, with a growing team of local staff for their Thai clients.

What does Fresh Property see for the future?  Room for economic expansion in Thailand, it’s Southeast Asian neighbors and high-growth countries.  A greater discussion on regulatory bodies, competition and hard work – or else it all wouldn’t be so much fun.

“When the inhabitants of a country and region become wealthier the first investment they turn to is property. As a Property Agent in the heart of Bangkok, I am extremely excited to be at the heart of this change.”, Pierre said.

For Fresh Property’s house, condo and apartment listings in the prime area along the Sukhumvit skytrain line.


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