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Benefits of moving insurance

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If you are currently planning a relocation, the one thing you should definitely think about is moving insurance. Accidents are out of your control and can happen no matter how many hours you put into researching or how highly recommended a moving company came.  Just as you would buy insurance for your health, your possessions need one as much as you do.

So do think about all the benefits you can get for one simple insurance of your belongings with these following types;


Released Value Insurance

The basic coverage insurance you can get – and should get, as moving companies are required by law to offer it to you – is called “released value insurance” and is basically an insurance by the pound. After everything is loaded up on the removal van, the moving team must estimate the weight of the load and will charge you for the insurance.

Full Value Protection

You can instead get a “full-value protection” insurance, which is calculated based on the value of the load. You estimate the value and have to pay 1 percent of the total value. With this insurance, the removals company can amend for the damage of your belongings in one of two ways. It can replace them with items of the same value, or it can pay for their repairs. This type of insurance is preferred, despite being more expensive, since if something does happen, the pay-off is fairer as your belongings are definitely worth more than a few cents a pound.

Expanded Value Protection

Besides this, you can get an expanded value coverage, which is basically paying more for the insurance in order to receive more in case of damage or if something goes missing. The options are again to pay by the pound, a percentage sum, or your moving company may offer a flat sum after the movers assess the value of the whole of your belongings.

Judging the moving company by insurance 

Making an insurance deal is also one way to distinguish the better moving companies, as they will offer any deal that seems lucrative to you, and will deliver a fine service which will make the insurance ultimately unneeded, while more unsecure companies will be shifty when negotiating the price, and will refuse to offer or promise higher sums.

Overall, you should invest in the safety of your belongings as they are literally all you have in this world. Look for better deals to scout out the better companies that will offer them and have a safe and secure move.

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