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Living in a rented place usually means you have little control over making the place ‘feel like home’. Unless you are blessed with having a truly liberal landlord who put an effort in decorating, which is rarely the case, you might feel stuck. However, this does not mean that you your hands are tied completely.

Here is a list of several improvements that will improve the space you live in, and surely be allowed by any sensible landlord.

Universal advice

kitchen cabinets and knobsConcentrate on removable and easily replaceable parts. The key thing is to get new parts of the same dimensions, so that you can replace the older versions without any major work or changes. When you change apartments, simply return the old ones and take yours with you. If you plan to do bigger changes, and are not completely positive that your landlord would not mind, make sure you discuss it. The last thing you want is to have to undo it.


shower head bathroomAs long as everything works properly, this is usually a place of least interest to any landlord. This room is where you can surely make improvements. If you are not pleased with the stream of your shower head, by all means change it. The same applies to faucets (due to aesthetic and functional purposes), as well as towel racks, and medicine cabinets. All of these get worn out the fastest, and become less appealing. Changing these will make your bathroom shine.


paintAgain, the objects that are being used the most are usually worn out and need replacing. To make the kitchen more appealing, cabinet knobs are the first item on the list. This simple change will make a huge difference. Furthermore, if you lack space, pegboards are a great portable and easily removable solution. Also, putting adhesive hooks on the inside of a cabinet is a great way of storing lids and pots. Naturally, faucets advice applies here just as in bathrooms. If any low scale paint jobs are required, you can do them almost unnoticeable and without having to hire a professional.

Living Room

cactus plants living roomThis is probably the room where most of your time is spent, and requires special adjustments. First of all, personalize it. Display your favourite works of art, enrich it with flowers and greenery, and make yourself feel at home. Improving the aesthetic appeal is crucial to having a cosy and welcoming living room. In addition, if you have an old fireplace, you can add fire glass to it to make it more appealing.



Flower pot balconyIf you are blessed with having a balcony, by all means, do not turn it into a storage space. Flower pots, a small table, and several candle holders will be more than enough to turn it into a beautiful romantic getaway. It does not require any major changes, and you will have a beautiful and relaxing spot.

As you can see, the beauty and change lies in the small things, all it takes is some effort, small investments, and your rented space will have a new look that doesn’t disturb the landlord in any way.


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