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A few quick and simple decorating guidelines not to forget


Clean first

Before getting to actual decorations, your new place needs a healthy scrub down. Scrub off all traces of previous tenants 2-3 times if necessary leaving the place spotless for all your belongings.

Get a cleaning agency if it’s more efficient for you and have a professional house cleaner do it swiftly.

Room by room

Don’t start decorating every room simultaneously. Simply pick a room and usher in the order. Tackling too many rooms at once will over complicate the process and you’ll be bound to start cutting corners somewhere.

Comfort by space

If you find comfort in spacious rooms, don’t go down the slippery slope of cluttering them with needless objects and adornments. Start anew and bring in only the essentials.

A place to sit and some entertainment for the living room. A bed, a wardrobe, and a night table in the bedroom. Kitchen appliances, cutlery, utensils, and counters in the kitchen.

That’s all you need to maneuver comfortably in your space.

Comfort by vicinity

On the other hand, you may find comfort in knowing that everything is within arm’s reach.  This means keeping lots of items neatly around you with each useful item next to the next useful item and so on.

Keeping it in check will also reveal to guests that you’ve always got something interesting going on without all the clutter.

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