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Life-sized games of art you can play, the instant gratification of lighting up a target, striving for perfection or just showing off to the ladies – just some of the reasons behind our fascination with pinball machines.

For the expat staying in Bangkok, here is a list of pinball machines and where to find them with some unexpected appearances.


A fast-paced shooter of speed, flow and constant action. Do battle against Spiderman’s most dangerous villains on an open playfield where you sling long and powerful shots at a gallery of Spidey’s foes; Sandman, Venom, Doctor Octopus, Green Goblin.

This challenging shooter makes for some intense action requiring twitch reflexes and your own sort of spidey-sense.

  • Location: The Mall Bangkapi
  • Price: 10 baht
  • How to get there: Boat on the Saen Saep canal to The Mall Bangkapi


Pirates of the Caribbean

Pirates of the Caribbean is a beautifully crafted machine with exquisite detailing and fancy playfield pieces; pirate ship, treasure chest and spinning compass.

Gameplay encourages carefully placed shots in a more deliberate manner underscoring your ball control skills as well as your knowledge of what rewards lie behind a treasure trove of targets to sink.

Unfortunately, not all the set pieces work like new. To score multi-ball, light up the treasure chest five times for H-E-A-R-T multi-ball and jackpot mode.

  • Location: The Mall
  • Price: 10 baht
  • How to get there: Boat on the Saen Saep canal to The Mall Bangkapi



Scorching lasers, clashing metal and transforming Autobots. Transformer’s bombastic digital sound effects, waves of neon light and a dot matrix display worked up in a frenzy is pure pinball euphoria to short circuit your senses.

Gameplay is aggressive.  Light up Megatron for multi-ball. Careful though. the guy is a maniac and fires back hard.

  • Location: MBK
  • Price: 20 baht
  • How to get there: BTS National Stadium skytrain station




AC/DC is a hot spirited and fiery lit machine that features a player controlled cannon ball, some T.N.T and AC/DC bells from hell.

Gameplay is deliberate with lots of targets to aim for.  Make the right gamemode and the cabinet turns into a jukebox allowing you to select from a dozen of your favorite AC/DC tunes to rock to.

  • Location: MBK
  • Price: 20 baht
  • How to get there: BTS National Stadium skytrain station



Family Guy

A little farther out but worth the travel. On the 7th floor of Central Chaengwattana you’ll find the Family Guy novelty pinball machine.

Family Guy is perfect for beginners who are practicing how to catch a ball, pass and aim with the flippers, on a machine where ball movement is predictable and easy to keep in play.

Though it’s a shame that its major set piece Stewie’s mini-pinball doesn’t work, the machine is only 10 baht and loves to hand out free games.  B-o-o-o-p!

  • Location: Central Chaengwattana
  • Price: 10 baht
  • How to get there: Get a mini-van from Chachutak to Pak Kret. Past the Chaengwattana immigration office by about 15 minutes.



Avatar’s holographic backglass tells you from the opening credits that it intends to dazzle like its blockbuster blu-ray release.  The machine has crisp hi-def audio and a tropical azure playfield where a balance of fast and slow gameplay makes for never a dull moment.

Double left in-lanes keep the ball in play as multi-balls rack up quickly.  Hit the ramps for some exotic ear-piercing Banshee cries.

  • Location: Esplanade
  • Price: 20 baht
  • How to get there: MRT Thailand Cultural Center subway station


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