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Guest writer Derek Lotts from Smooth Decorator tells us what Furniture Designers to look out for:

Solis Betancourt

This Puerto Rican-born designer has always tried to integrate architecture and interiors in his works, showcasing designs which walk a fine line between function on one side and proportion and harmony on the other. An architecture graduate of Cornell University, in 1989 he founded his own interior design company in Washington D.C. His style reflects interest in industrial materials and twentieth century architecture, appreciating symmetry and balance as cornerstones of his deigns.

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Paul Mathieu

Prior to moving to Los Angeles, Mathieu graduated at Ecole Nationale des Beaux Arts de Lyon and West Surrey College of Art & Design. Soon, his LA studio gave birth to daughter offices in Paris and Aix en Provence. His works boast highly distinctive aesthetic, which implements supple, artful spaces that are rich in luxurious materials lavished with elements of Old World handicraft. In 2006, Interior Design Magazine awarded his Aria Chair design “Best of the Year”.

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Alison Berger

This exceptional designer from Dallas, Texas is known for her stunning glass blown technique and exquisite light fixtures. After graduating at Rhode Island School of Design, she continued her education at Columbia University of Architecture. She studied vintage glass blowing techniques for more than 25 years, taking time to complete her artistic pieces. Each of these pieces is hand blown, annealed for a couple of days and hand finished at the end. She was commissioned by a fashion company Comme des Garcons to design a glass installation for the company’s Tokyo Showroom.

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Ralph Rucci

Aside from being a painter, this gifted fashion designer maintains a highly motivated team of creative associates who bring his ideas to life. Widely recognized for his use of innovative techniques and lavish fabrics, his attention to detail always brings out the emotional response. His furniture collections give away an artisan approach created with the same passion as his fashion lines.

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William Dangar

Swaying from mass-produced designs, William Dangar, the man behind Robert Plumb’s designer timber furniture, focuses on quality, durable materials and a high level of customization to a client’s needs. Danger Group has been a company that harbors strong national identity through product quality, innovation and practicality. Since 2006, the company has strong connections with Robert Plumb, offering their unique designs to existing, and attracting new clients.

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Kevin Reilly

His innovative creations that combine wax candles and electric light made him famous far beyond his native Montgomery, Alabama. His lightning fixtures embody both rustic, romantic and chic elements to winning proportions. He has been collaborating with various architects and designers on custom furniture and light fixtures. Every piece that bears his name is made completely in his workshop, from raw sheets of steel to, intricately hand finished fixtures. His candle elements use a special formula of wax designed to provide same warmth of ambient light as true candles.

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Christian Astuguevieille

His unusual use of materials, design and art makes this French designer ahead of his time. His furniture and accessory pieces follow his concept of “Imaginary Civilization”, tackling all our senses and especially our sense of touch. While working with Museum of Decorative Arts and the Pompidou Center in Paris, he was meeting people of arts and fashion, who induced his own style in sculpture, painting and jewelry. After exhibitions for cotton cord and hemp rope furniture pieces in a Paris gallery, his style waxed into more interactive that utilitarian. His rope furniture, together with lamps, and carpets are sold in the US exclusively at Holly Hunt showrooms.

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Tristan Auer

Graduating in interior design from ESAG in Paris in 1996, Tristan’s work is characterized by the true love of subtle lines and curves, with attention to detail. His commissions led him from private residences to five star hotels. He used to work with heavyweights like Karl Lagerfeld and Nina Ricci, giving his best to give each brand image his distinguishably French touch and an air of luxury.

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John Hutton

Drawing inspiration from Scottish traditions, Hutton’s designs have comfort stamped all over them. His furniture pieces are recognized by their elegant and tailored lines. After earning a degree on Fashion Institute of Technology in Manhattan, he worked for Donghia as the Design Director for about 20 years. During that period he, came out with more than 2000 designs and a few important awards. Since 1998, John Hutton International is known for designs that are simple, yet proportioned in a way that makes people comfortable in the first place.

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