Easy and High-Impact Rental Decorating Ideas

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Easy and High-Impact Rental Decorating Ideas

Easy and High-Impact Rental Decorating Ideas

Do you have a rental property that needs easy but memorable decoration solutions? Sometimes even the smallest of changes can bring about something interesting to the mix. The following examples are a great way for you to solve your situation in a cheap and efficient way without too much fuss. Your future tenants will be able to enjoy these little touches after moving in that add up to something much greater and interesting than what you had before. Simply follow our tips and examples and you will have your solution in no time at all.

Changing the shower heads

You can get rid of the old and sputtering shower heads you had for a long time, exchanging them for something new and interesting instead. A traditionally-mounted model with adjustable options or even a handheld with a flexible hose with low-flow options will work quite well. Not only will they save you a heap of money on water bills, but they will make the bathroom a more welcoming place at the small price of one trip to your local hardware store. Check out whatever options are available there and see whether you can grab something at an affordable price you can use in your efforts. Install it and you will have a proper solution with no trouble at all.

Using pegboards

The greatest thing about pegboard is that it has a lot of leeway and flexibility in terms of function and form you can take advantage of for rental purposes. Your pots and pans for the kitchen will look a lot better, not to mention you can have whole configurable and customizable walls your tenants can setup as they see fit when you work with it. Simply buy some, install it and then use hooks to hang whatever you feel is necessary onto it to make for a much easier solution in the long run.

Making use of temporary wallpapering

The colors and patterns of wallpaper can be used without the crazy commitment required and the long hours of putting it up. A peel and stick solution that allows you to keep your paint job without damaging it, allowing you to also remove it when you need it without a hitch, simply wiping the wall and cleaning it up completely.

Replacing the chandelier

If you have one and it happens to be pretty bad-looking at this point, then maybe it would be a good idea to replace it with something new. You can likely do this by yourself, but if not you can spend a bit of time to hire a handyman and they will get it done for you instead. Having good lighting in your home will help boost the mood in the long run.

Kitchen cabinet knobs

You can replace those quite quickly for a more welcoming look without much work involved. Switching them out will change the look of your kitchen within a couple of hours at most. Just remember to keep the old ones as well should you want to replace them again.

When all is said and done even the smallest of touches can be a great addition after your tenants end up moving house and their moving company brings their belongings over.  Consider other smaller ways you can impact your rental property and you will have amazing success in the long run.  Find more moving ideas at: londonmanandvan.com

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