What are Serviced Apartments in Thailand?

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What is a fully serviced apartment?

A serviced apartment is an upgraded type of apartment that offers the services of hotels and the modernity of condominiums while keeping to the apartment.

Lot of times, owners will take their existing building, update its appearance and facilities, and reorganize to manage greater services.

Nice serviced apartments are located in good locations and take advantage of their existing facilities like swimming pool and parking space.

YO Place amenities at Sukhumvit 16

Y.O. Place is a nice fully serviced apartment that will surprise you on Sukhumvit 16


How is a fully serviced apartment different from a regular apartment, hotel and condominium?

A serviced apartment sets itself apart from a regular apartment by adding more services that replicate the ones found in hotels and can go beyond the ones provided in condominiums. These services commonly found in fully serviced apartments will include daily laundry, housekeeping, dining service, concierge service and more depending on the place.

Rooms in serviced apartments are usually larger, will have a kitchen and can come in different layouts. The feeling inside rooms is different from hotels as well – in serviced apartments, rooms feel more like your personal space.

Expect fully furnished in complete sets as well in a fully serviced apartment. Serviced apartment rooms will come with standard furniture and include TV, refrigerator and additional appliances like microwave, hair dryer and cooking utensils. More consistent and thorough than the sets of furniture included in rent-able condominiums which vary from unit owner to unit owner.

Another great feature of the serviced apartment is the different lengths of stays from short to long that you’re allowed. Serviced apartments can offer weekly, monthly and even daily stays which are cheaper than hotels and allow you more freedom to pick up and leave than when renting a condominium unit.

Who are fully serviced apartments good for?

If you’re someone that doesn’t want to be tied down by long term agreements but needs the flexibility to extend your stay – or you’re looking for a cozy place to call home while you juggle your busy schedule – a fully serviced apartment is an ideal place for you.

People on business trips, special projects and assignments or even just tourists who want accommodations more down to earth will find great flexibility and control over their planning and budgets staying at a serviced apartment.

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