Special Bicycle Tracks in Bangkok

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Special Bicycle Tracks in Bangkok

For the modern Bangkokian with bicycling on the brain looking for organized bicycle tracks instead of riding on the streets.

The following are safe and well-maintained bicycle tracks in Bangkok, specially made for the Young at Heart, Fitness and Stats Rider and High-Tech Cyclists.


Photo Credit: FindYourSpace

Peppermint Bike Park

The Peppermint Bike Park is a roller coaster slash obstacle course bike park that will be sure to test your hand and motor skills and bring a huge grin to your face.

Peppermint Park’s bike course is made up of intricate bike paths that curl around each other onto various inclines, ramps, bridges and terrains. The park has lots of trees, a little lake and a cycling track that circles the premises 500 meters long.

Created for a safe and fun place to ride your mountain bike into the night, Peppermint Park is lit up like an amusement park till 10:00 pm and features rides: Wooden Slope, Butterfly Wall Ride, Rocky Way, Horseshoe Turn, Drop Zone, and Giant Waves.


Who’s it for: Not just child’s play. The course offers something for Mountain Bike Freestylers and Kids at Heart to get their kicks in.
Bike Track: Peppermint Bike Park
Developed by: Khun Suwanna Eiampikul, Sales & Marketing Director of Betram Chemicals
Located: Soi Yothin Phatthana 3, Lat Phrao, across the highway from Karaoke City.
Hours Open: Morning Sessions; 7:00 am – 5:30 pm Evening Sessions; 6:00 pm – 10:00 pm
Admission: 100 baht morning sessions. 150 baht evening sessions. Members get a discount
Photos courtesy: Peppermint Park
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Green Cycle Track at Suvarnabhumi Airport

You’ll be happy to know that Suvarnabhumi Airport has incorporated a large bicycle track on its massive landscape for cyclists to really stretch their legs out under a sky of streaming planes.

Surprisingly quieter than you think, the track is 23 kilometers long consisting of 2 lanes 4.8 meters wide for overtaking cyclists or taxiing your way to the finish line.

Markers every 250 meters help you pace the distance, along with the palm trees and water banks that pass by. Rest stops and washroom stalls are stationed as you progress. There is also a separate 800 meter track in case you’re not ready for the long haul yet.

Just like any trip to airport, bring your ID (photocopy is recommended), to enter the secured area.

Who’s it for: Cyclists who want to test their endurance and improve their lap times because once you takeoff, the 23 km track is a one-way trip.
Developed by: Airport Authority of Thailand
Located: Suvarnabhumi Airport
Hours Open: 6:00 am – last entry at 6:00pm. (Closes 7:00pm)
Admission: Free
Photos credit: Uwe Schwarzbach
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Velodrome at Rajamangala National Stadium Ramkhamhaeng

A velodrome is the arena used for the professional sport of high-speed bicycle racing that is also an Olympic game. Corners of the track tilt on angles for banking cyclists to maintain their speeds reaching up to 85 km/hr.

The Rajamangala Velodrome is well maintained by the Sports Authority of Thailand and was host to the Asian Games Cycling Competition in 1998, and more recently the Asian Cycling Championships in 2007.

The Ramkhamheang velodrome is 250 meters and sports banks that tilt to 45 degrees for building up some serious inertia and velocity. To get an idea of how serious it is, bikes specially made for velodromes have no brakes to maximize speed.

Who’s it for? Advanced cyclists who take care of their expensive equipment and the safety of others on the velodrome
Developed by: Sports Authority of Thailand
Location: Rajamangala National Stadium, Ramkhamhaeng
Hours Open: 8:00 am – 8:00 pm
Admission: Free
Photos credit: FindYourSpace
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