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Time for a big change in your life. You are not only changing town and country, but continent as well. You might feel intimidated by the prospect of living in a place you know very little about, so you still hesitate to dial the removal company’s number. But you shouldn’t be! Treat it for what it is – a lasting adventure until you are tired of the new place as well and then move somewhere else. Speaking of that new place, you should feel even less intimidated, because you have chosen Bangkok – a tropical paradise, and one of the culture centers of the world.

Bangkok, the capital of Thailand and the largest city in Southeast Asia, has great importance in world business, culture, and politics. It is a beautiful city, full of life and energy. There are many ways to entertain yourself, and the citizens are extremely friendly. There are also a lot of job opportunities for all age ranges, and it has a very expat-friendly job market. The best way to earn money in Thailand is teaching English in one of the great schools of the capital.

Since you are coming from the UK, depending on where in Thailand you end up, you might feel little social change. Bangkok has a large British expat community who have long ago moved house to there. Most of these relocations are a result of business moves – the employer moved office and took some employees along. And since the local wages are much lower, there is some inequality in wealth around the city which makes expats working in big companies stand out. This, along with China’s investments in the country, has made property values rise quite a bit, making housing in Bangkok slightly expensive. That hardly affects the lifestyle, however, as market prices rarely fluctuate more than the accepted local standards, which is not a lot. This is good, as you will not have to spend much for everyday fees, like public transport, which you will need quite a lot – Bangkok is a huge city, getting anywhere by foot is a big trial you should rarely undertake.

Moving to Bangkok from the UK

The weather in Bangkok will both differ and be the same as the UK’s, so you will not have to adapt to too much climate change. The capital sees more rainfalls than, say, London, but it also experiences more sunshine, so it is all balanced out in the end.

The language is something you should worry about, unless you are the linguistic type and can absorb languages more swiftly. Siamese is a hard language to learn or master for English speakers since they are unaccustomed to applying intonation to differentiate words. You might think you know words, but once you start speaking the language you will see that you need to figure out not just the signs, but the melody as well. Even though Thailand has quite the multi-ethnic population, English is one of the rarer languages in Bangkok. If you plan on staying there long, learn the Thai language.

The scenery and people might change, but you should not change your attitude if you are optimistic about relocating to Bangkok. It’s a new and educational experience above all else. So call the moving company and get on with that moving checklist, because Thailand is waiting for you.

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