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The EM District is being developed by The Mall Development Group, the same developers behind the Emporium luxury shopping mall popular for its exclusive brand names and the superstars that make appearances there.

With an over 20 billion baht budget, The EM District will be comprised of a newly renovated Emporium along with two new high-end shopping complexes, the EM Quartier and the EM Sphere.

The EM District aims to be a world-class commercial hub and ultra-modern tourist destination, by bringing together the finest shopping, food, theatre and art, hotels, business centre and offices wrapped in the latest in building technology.  The EM District covers an impressive 650,000 sqm. and occupies both sides of the Sukumvhit, Phrom Phong area showcasing its commercially bright utopian grandeur and design.

The EM Quartier is a mega shopping mall loaded with shopping events and all the international and local designer labels you can think of which include high-end and trendy urban labels (Prada, Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci, Greyhound, Flynow, Beams, Stylenanda, to name a few), as well as fashion designer labels making their first appearance in Thailand (Victoria Beckham, Haute Joaillerie, Tiffany & Co., Van Cleef & Arpels, Tory Burch, and many more).

The EM Quartier also hosts a massive selection of food options including a gourmet and fresh food market, food court and over 200 international restaurants where you enjoy views on terraces overlooking the Quartier’s gardens below (30% of the complex is dedicated to greenery), and the city’s landscape at night while you dine.

Condominiums for rent around the EM District in Phrom Phong

Condominiums for rent around the EM District in Phrom Phong


Sections and attractions to look for at EM Quartier

  • The Quartier Hall, a world-class venue hosting exhibitions, events and spectacles of art, fashion, music and entertainment shows broken into indoor and outdoor areas including the Quartier Parc and Quartier Avenue.
  • The Waterfall Quartier home to the tallest indoor waterfall in Southeast Asia 40 metres
  • The Quartier Water Garden which features a Rainforest Chandelier 100 metres long
  • The Helix Quarter, featuring gourmet cuisines and 360 degree dining views
  • Virgin Active Fitness Club covering 4,000 sqm. of area
  • Quartier CineArt offers 7 latest entertainment technology theatres and IMAX by Major Cineplex
  • Emprive Cineclub offers a 6-star movie theatres by SFX Cinema

The EM Sphere will be the center of world-class shopping offering only the highest level of brands to create an unparalleled luxurious atmosphere of premium quality products, arts and services.

The new epic center of Bangkok, the EM District will create many jobs, push rising properties values in the area even higher and make the area one of the liveliest places to be and live in.

Check out some condos to rent or buy in the area

The EM Quartier opened opposite the Emporium March 2015.

The EM Sphere is under construction next to Benjasiri Park and expected to complete in 2016.

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