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If you’re an expat renting an apartment in Thailand, you’re probably also doing your own laundry in the building’s machines downstairs and with no drying machine in sight.

Here are some tips on washing and drying your clothes for people living the apartment life.

Buy more clothes

Buy more clothes so that you actually eliminate the need of having to wash them all the time. I’m not saying do like Madonna who reportedly wears a new pair of underwear each day. But unleash the ‘Material Girl‘ or ‘Boy‘ in you by owning at least 5 of those pairs, and at least 5 pairs of socks and work shirts too so you can make it through a five-day and laundry-less work week.

Reserve your machine

Save yourself the pain of carrying your overstuffed basket of laundry back upstairs because you didn’t have the foresight.  Stay light on your feet and reserve you’re machine by depositing your coins when you find one available.  Then quickly get your laundry basket from upstairs while it’s filling up.  In Thailand, the running water in the machine is more commonly recognized as a ‘this is reserved‘ sign than a jackpot for ‘you’ve won a free load of laundry.’

Washing Machines

Turn your balcony into one big drying machine

By turning on your air-conditioner and the unit that sits on your balcony.  Those unit fans are huge and push lots of humid and hot ambient air around.  With the additional exhaust heat from the unit, things really start to cook up in that tight space.  Hang your clothes up, shut you’re balcony door and turn the air-conditioner on and you’ve just engineered your balcony into a massive drying machine.

Learn how to hand wash

Hand washing doesn’t mean you’ve lowered your standards in any way.  When done right, washing by hand can be a graceful act displaying your resourceful prowess.  Or maybe it’s just you’re survival instincts kicking in.  Whatever it is, hand washing can save your life when you need to wear your favorite shirt in short notice, or that underwear short of ways to turn inside out anymore.  Hand washing is quick, requires little water, little detergent, and works best on small garments you need in a hurry.

Clothes Pins

The fastest way to dry your clothes

The fastest way to dry your clothes, quicker than the balcony turned baking oven, is by using a common and most often underutilized household item – The fan. Just set this state-of-the-art drying device a few feet from that innovative clothes rack you made out of a wooden chair (just as often underutilized).

But for best results, under the most dire of situations, drape your wet clothes directly on the grill of the fan!  Your lucky shirt and precious little socks and underwear will be astonishingly dry within the hour, guaranteeing you make that late entrance just on time.

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Do you have any other tips for expats who do their laundry on their own? Don’t forget to comment below!

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