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A green condo is more than a bunch of trees and shrubs planted in aesthetically pleasing locations. A green building is immersed with its environment and people, protects them by minimizing its pollution and waste, and uses its energy, water and resources efficiently.

It’s an environmentally and socially sustainable construct for all generations who pass through it.

Thailand does have its own set of green buildings codes. In 2009, the Ministry of Energy introduced the Thai Green Building Code under the Energy Conservation Promotion Act. While analysts agree it is yet as extensive as the US’s or Singapore’s, that doesn’t prevent Thai developers from creating green and sustainable condominiums that innovate and meet international standards.

Below a list of 3 leading Green Condos in Thailand and their innovative features:


Magnolias – Ratchadamri Boulevard

Designed after its namesake flower, the roots of the Magnolias condominium represent a connection to the history of Ratchadamri as its tower sprouts from the ground and opens up to the sky 242 meters high to draw cleaner air inside for its occupants.

Magnolia project in Bangkok

The Magnolia’s design complies with the Thai 2009 Green Building Code and the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) standards of the US Green Building Council.
Also inspired by the magnolia flower are the petal-like contours of the building which provides shade from the sun but intelligently lets in natural light in needed spaces.

Insulated glazing and Low-E coated windows, and an array of sun shade devices of the building’s wall system lowers Overall Thermal Transfer Values (OTTV) to acceptable green code standards, keeps the building cool and lowers air conditioner usage, a major source of power consumption in Thailand.


The Circle 2 – New Phetchaburi

The Circle harnesses green space, renewable energy, fresh air and water to create a self-sustaining and energy efficient high rise condominium. The Circle recycles water from every unit in the building using its complete water recycling system for the irrigation of all its green spaces. Taking up multiple floors, Oxygen Garden Ecology is the concept behind its green spaces which also include areas of herbal gardens and fruit gardens of which the produces can be picked for consumption.

Circle 2 Project Swimming pool in Bangkok
The Circle is also at the forefront of converting solar power to electricity. Its solar panel system creates 60 kilowatts per day, equivalent to 3,000 standard light bulbs or 1,000 televisions with their power turned on. Further energy efficiencies are created in the Circle’s building with precooled fresh air systems and odor ingress which reduces cooling loads while providing fresh air, and heat recovery systems which preheat water extending less requirements for electricity loads.


The Met – Sathorn

Winning the Green Good Design 2011, the Met is a high-end condo that implements a design specific to Thailand’s tropical climate while architecturally connecting to modern and traditional Thai background. The Met stacks its apartments in multiple columns and towers linked by sky bridges to create an interlacing matrix with open air spaces. These air spaces called ‘breezeways’, run vertically and horizontally and channel the characteristically low winds of the hot tropics to allow for natural cooling and cross ventilation on all sides of apartment units.

The Met in Sathorn, Bangkok

The Met’s formation also allows large amounts of natural light to enter multipurpose spaces in the building and touch every corner of apartment units. The Met sits between Lumpini Park and surrounding business commerce, but is offset a hearty distance behind the main facing road of Sathorn.  Architects also connected traditional aspects of Thai culture to the design of the Met.  Material finishes accentuate the interlacing pattern of the Met to reimagine the twinkle of Buddhist temple claddings and the delicate patterns of Thai traditional silk.  See our list of available units for rent at the Met Sathorn

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