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One of the most important deals you have to make is selling your home in case you have decided to move somewhere else. This is because you likely want to use the extra cash for your new home, be it to equip it with new features or simply to fund your removal. Regardless of the reasons for the move, you should pursue every opportunity and try to sell your home for more.

Moving and selling - How to get the best for your home

In order to achieve this, you need to consider some things. There are several projects and areas of your home that you should definitely improve in order to make more money out of the deal. Not only is this assured, but you can also expect to sell much faster, which is ultimately what you desire. That way you will be able to focus on relocation and other matters to help you experience a stress-free move. Here is what you should consider:

  • Kitchen facelift – one of the most important areas of today’s homes is the kitchen. It’s the first room many buyers will be interested in, because it is truly important. This is why it is of vital importance to upgrade your kitchen with modern design features and pleasing look. And while it is true that any kitchen update can be taxing on your budget, it is imperative that you make the investment before you even start researching for a moving service. The kitchen can easily turn to be the decisive factor in selling your home. There is an alternative to thorough renovation and that is remodeling. For example, if you cannot afford new cabinets, you can give your old ones a facelift.
Kitchen at Condo 49 Plus

Kitchen at Condo 49 Plus by ERA Real Estate


  • Bathroom update – another very important area of your home where you should invest in new looks and features is the bathroom. If your bathroom has modern design and great features, chances are you will be able to negotiate a better price for your home. What you can consider is thorough renovation – new tiles, new vanity, new tub or shower (depending on size). Go after a modern and stylish look, but do not sacrifice utility – after all, the bathroom of today is both a room with practical uses and also a place for comfort and relaxation.
Condo at The River

Condo at The River by Shambhala Realty

  • Wall renovation – you will do well to give your walls a new lick of paint. In case you have wallpaper, you should definitely remove it. Experts all agree that wallpaper can really turn off people. Once you are done with your removal service, begin the project of wall renovation. Clear the wallpaper and choose a paint color – it is best if you stick to neutral and light themes, which can give your home a sense of openness.
Living room at Manhattan Chidlom

Living room at Manhattan Chidlom by AsiaRents

  • Curb appeal – since first impressions are truly important, and potential buyers will get those from the outside area of your home first. If you have a garden space and deck area in your home, you can greatly increase the value you sell it for if you pay attention to curb appeal. Make sure that space of your home looks impressive and captures the attention easily.
Front of Chalermprakriet house

Front of Chalermprakriet house by Piri Property

Follow these 4 tips before you try to sell your home and you can expect a good deal out of this in no time at all. For more information and discover more about the property’s listings available on FindYourSpace Portal!

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