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Low rise condos in Bangkok provide an alternative yet fulfilling lifestyle when deciding what type of condo to rent or buy. They also make excellent long-term investments that hold their value over time.

Below are 5 reasons why choosing a low rise condo in Bangkok is a good idea.

  • Peace and Quiet

After a long day at work, you want to come home to peace and quiet. Because less people populate a low rise condo, you can enjoy more peace and quiet due to lower instances of noisy neighbors and the in-and-out of entering and leaving people.  People who chose to live in low rise condos do so with the same idea multiplying the peace and quiet.
Typically, the low rise condo, not far away from nearby amenities, will be located off the main road, just inside a street in its own little pocket. These layers are noise barriers to cars on the road and to the daily commotion on the walkways. These layers are also a nice way to gradually wind down as you come home from work or wind up as you step out for a busy day.

  • Personal and Home

The low rise condo may give up a prominent profile, but it’s what’s inside that counts
Low rise condos tend to have larger unit sizes allowing you more space to be yourself in and to personalize, decorate and arrange your living space to make you feel right at home.

Views from inside your room are also closer to the ground bringing in views familiar to our natural eye-level. This provides a stronger connection with our surroundings that creates a more intimate connection to your home.
Due to the lower density of people, you have more chances to interact with your neighbor. Closer relationships, mutual respect and a community can be created to bring more a warm feel to your home.

Voque Luxury Condo Sukhumvit 31

The Voque Sukhumvit 16 is a spacious low rise condo with rooms for ren

  • Less costs and maintenance fees

Low rise condos will typically have less facilities and services which means less costs and maintenance fees. Still, low rise condos in Bangkok will usually come standard with either a pool and fitness room.  While you may not have the latest in posh facilities, you also won’t be spending on their management fees, maintenance fees and renovation fees that are mandatory allotments of cash.  Theses facility fees also appear unexpectedly for things you rarely utilize otherwise.

To add, because the overall surface area of the low rise building is smaller, servicing, cleaning and security needed to the exterior and interior of the building require less manpower hours amounting to savings you can put toward something else.

Y.O. Place in Khlong Toei, Bangkok

Y.O. Place is a low rise, fully serviced property in Khlong Toei, surprisingly with a lot of cozy facilities to enjoy

  • Retained value and higher profits

Because the initial construction cost and initial price of the low rise condo is inherently lower, if you do decide to sell your condo or rent it out, you stand to gain a higher profit margin.

The low rise condo is also more robust when retaining its value.  A lower profile of the building means lower exposure to the environmental elements that deteriorate and damage it such as heat, rainfall, dust and wind.

Requiring an exertion of resources and energy to stabilize the external elements, the lower profile reduces this by allowing for better building efficiency and sustainability preserving the condo’s value over longer periods of time.

The greater efficiency and sustainability of a low rise condo also speaks to its ability to adapt to property market conditions and changing buyer perceptions as well.

  • Security and Safety

The smaller area to cover with security is not the only safety benefit in a low rise condo.
In the event of fire, earthquake and power outage, evacuating a low rise condo is safer by avoiding the panic and stampedes caused by lots of people.  Evacuating is also quicker because of the lower number of stairs to descend.

Furthermore, less reliance is placed on the elevator overall which reduces the chances of getting stuck during a power outage or an elevator malfunction.

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Urbana Sukhumvit 15

The Urbana, a modern low rise condominium in Sukhumvit Soi 15

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