5 Reasons High Rise Condos are so popular in Bangkok

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High rise condos are still very popular in Bangkok even though we mentioned 6 reasons to choose a low rise condo in a previous post. Everywhere you go high rise condos and their advertisements invade your line of sight. Regardless your price range, high rise condos share common characteristics that make them a very popular place to live in. In case you’ve forgotten what they were, here are 5 reasons why condos are still very popular with the most surprising reason saved for last.


Prime Location

High rise condos are mostly reserved for prime locations in the center of business districts and on main roads in developed areas like Victory Monument. With excellent location such as the location of The Address Chidlom, you are within an arm’s reach to the best restaurants, grocery stores, shopping malls, hospitals and schools that improves your quality of life. Major public transportation lines like the BTS skytrain and MRT subway run through these busy areas as well, allowing you to bypass the Bangkok traffic and travel to places with ease saving you time and money. Commuting to work also becomes faster which reduces stress and frees up more time for you to do what you enjoy after work.

Swimming Pool of The Address Chidlom


More Luxurious Facilities and Services

Because of the higher number of occupants, high rise condos have access to higher budgets that allows them to offer more facilities to enhance your lifestyle. As an example, instead of just a standard pool, high rise condos take it to the next level with salt water pools, pools with Jacuzzis, pools with sunken decks and landscape, and visually stunning infinity pools specially made to take advantage of high rise views.  Rooftop gardens and panoramic observation decks work best in high rises too. High rise condos, like the Met Sathorn, also have more space for facilities to add extra variety and utility such as – jogging tracks, squash courts, sauna and steam rooms, stretches of green and multipurpose areas with terraces and pavilions; and specialized facilities such as library, wine and cigar lounge and bar, business and meeting suites, and 24 hour concierge service.


Extraordinary Architecture, Technology and Lifestyle

Again, because of the higher budgets, high rise condos can afford the best design teams and building materials to create a beautiful and inspirational world for you to live in High rise condos take chances with their design and architecture that pay off and turns your ordinary life into something special.  Using single or multi-themes, designer materials, fixtures and appliances, high rise condos can offer you a lifestyle of 5-star luxury, a resort on the beach, a posh bird’s nest or a futuristic metropolis that will keep you inspired. You will also live in a building that uses state-of-the-art technology, for example, building materials that can dynamically control nature’s elements like heat and light, highest standard fire and earth quake protection and advanced wall systems that keep out sound.

Living room at Noble Remix


Easy to sell and Rent

High rise condos are easy to sell and rent out because they cover all the selling points that buyers are looking for. They offer a luxury lifestyle, the best of locations, nearby access to amenities and public transportation, and offer lots of convenient, comfortable and lavish facilities. In addition, high rise condos offer more variety in room layouts and floor layouts.   They offer more variations of 1-bedroom to 3-bedroom designs. Duplexes and penthouses are mostly found only in high rises as well. Would-be buyers and renters don’t have to think long when they factor all that in mind. There are just too many selling points and options in high rise condominiums to be passed up making them an easy sell.


More Privacy

It may seem counter intuitive but high rise condos do offer a high level of privacy. Because high rise condos imply the city life of their location, so too does it imply the hectic and busy schedules of its occupants. You will run into a lot of people, but the reality is, you will rarely run into the same faces. And no one will have time and will be too busy to interact socially when you do. More personal space and therefore more privacy is actually created this way. Compare privacy in a populated high rise condo with the feeling of loneliness in a big city.  Both paradoxical, but very real phenomena. You will still have plenty of opportunity to meet plenty of people. Opposed to a more confined space with less people, in a high rise condo, you actually have greater control on how you want to interact with them.  You can either create a meaningful social interaction when the opportunity presents itself – or maximize your space and privacy.

Let us know why you like living in high rise condos and if you agree or disagree with any of reasons above!

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