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Beautiful Thailand is waiting for you to lay down your hat

Thailand is called the land of smiles. It is a country which is overflowing with fantastic culture, customs, and history. Bangkok is well known for its dynamic and diversified neighborhoods which have their own unique atmosphere; surrounded by markets open both day and night, numerous floors within the shopping malls and stunning locations. With beautiful locations and stunning temples and monuments to visit it is a big change from the usual scenery in your home country. With all this and more, Thailand now has a lot of foreigners investing in property. therefore, a reliable estate agency will be perfect to help you find your new home in Thailand. Thai people are overly friendly and will go out of their way to help others Рthey will welcome you  with open arms and want to show you their wonderful country.

Chao Phraya Property on Find Your Space

Chao Phraya Property, the agency that flows across Thailand

The real estate agency Chao Phraya Property is an international agency located in Ekkamai and in Thong Lor. The agency does both sales and rentals focusing mainly in Bangkok such as The Prime 11 or GM Mansion projects. They also have fantastic properties available in Koh Samui and Pattaya. Chao Phraya Property agency can help you find anything you need such as condos, holiday homes and serviced apartments, from as little as 10,000 THB and up to 150,000 THB, satisfying all their customers’ needs. The realty team comprises of English and Thai property experts to meet your expectations and needs. Our real estate experts have over 20 years experience in international real estate markets and in Thailand. They will help you to get your dream property from start to finish using their extensive knowledge and experience of the Thai property market. They will help with all the paperwork and admin so that all you need to do is just get ready to enjoy your new dream home. With their experience they have built partnerships with law specialists, restaurants and language skills, your experience with Chao Phraya Property will definitely be a unique and pleasing experience.

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